Saturday, 18 August 2012

OMG...I'm Keith Cheggers (aka preggers!)

Has it only been 3 weeks???  It seems like months since I did my pregnancy test and confirmed I do indeed have a little scouser growing inside me!  I'd missed my monthly 'girlies' visit a week or two before and put it down to stress/excitement/hormones etc. but thought I'd best do a test to 'rule it out' before flying off on my jollies the next day and consuming copious amounts of alcohol and beers.  Needless to say, you can guess what's coming next....the test was positive!!!  In a state of shock, panic and disbelief I immediately peed on another lovely pink stick to double check, I never knew my bladder could perform on demand like that, and low and behold I had another two pink lines staring me in the face screaming 'You're pregnant you fool!'.  So, being in the house alone and not being able to speak to my boyfriend for another few hours, I went to my sanctuary, the place where I truly feel relaxed, at home and de-stressed...the gym!  My head was all over the place, I nearly had to ram a kettlebell down my throat to prevent myself from telling every Tom, Dick and Sted head Harry my happy, shocking news!  And while I was there I spent the whole time panicking in case my cardio was too strenuous for the little being inside of me!
Fortunately, while being shocked at the news my BF took it really well and was just as happy as I was, not least because he thought it confirmed his 'Sperminator' status as I'd only been off the pill for a couple of weeks...either that or I must have the cosiest, most appealing, welcoming womb in Liverpool that the little fellas couldn't wait to swim on up and settle in!
However, now we both knew that the hard work started here...not the morning sickness, nor the antenatal appointments or mood swings, no the trickiest task I now faced was contriving reasons why I was not boozing in my usual piss head, can't say no to a drink fashion!  My BF and I have the reputation of being the last ones to leave a party, the last ones to put a drink down and there was no way that people would believe that I was choosing not to have a drink for any other reason.  Now please don't think that we're borderline alcoholics with a serious problem, we're not, just every now and again, every few months or so, we indulge and I was now flapping trying to think of ways to cover up my new found teetotal status, especially during the next 11 nights on holiday with my BF and his two kids!  
At this moment in time my BF and I are still the only two people in the whole wide world who know about our special news and while I'm loving the fact that we share this wonderful, life changing secret I have a 'huge gob' as my loving BF puts it and find it hard to keep my cake hole shut so this is killing me!!  Roll on week 12...oh god please let all go well and let us get safely to that point!!!!  And so, this is the reason why I've started my blog, so that I can share our news and all the exciting small steps and developments, not least the fact that I now have a pair of boobs (yay!), with someone!